I created the BEEROX character in spring 2017.

The concept of the eye came to me when I was suddenly tired of being a perfectionist.

This perfectionism and idealism attitude caused me to become sad; my expectation for happiness was rising.

So I wanted BEEROX to be imperfect and happy. I wanted her to be free of judgements and expectations. She enjoys her life without any boundaries, far from jealousy, envy, and sadness because she does not follow the rules of perfection.

Because she believes she is original and unique,


BEEROX promotes originality.


She lives in a colourful world of imagination and adventure. Some of the paintings are inspired by my own childhood. I tried to visualise the scene the way it was in reality. However, I changed the colours of the environment to the way I would like it to be. In other paintings, the scenes are imaginary and could exist only in my dreams. 


BEEROX paintings are created in bright colours and have a childish, innocent feeling. They intend to give the viewer a feeling of safety due to the lack of violence and sadness; there is no war, hatred, stress, or anxiety. There is only a warm, sunny and peaceful world around her like in children's cartoons.

Roxana Khoshsokhan